Banda: Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra
Título: Legacy Of The Dark Lands
Género: Symphonic
Sello Discográfico: Nuclear Blast
Tipo: CD

01. 1618 Ouverture
02. The Gathering
03. War Feeds War
04. Comets And Prophecies
05. Dark Cloud’s Rising
06. The Ritual
07. In the Underworld
08. A Secret Society
09. The Great Ordeal
10. Bez
11. In the Red Dwarf’s Tower
12. Into the Battle
13. Treason
14. Between the Realms
15. Point of No Return
16. The White Horseman
17. Nephilim
18. Trial And Coronation
19. Harvester of Souls
20. Conquest Is Over
21. This Storm
22. The Great Assault
23. Beyond the Wall
24. A New Beginning

Banda: Agnostic Front
Título: Get Loud!
Género: Hardcore
Sello Discográfico: Nuclear Blast
Tipo: CD

1. Spray Painted Walls
2. Anti Social
3. Get Loud
4. Conquer And Divide
5. I Remember
6. Dead Silence
7. AF Stomp
8. Urban Decay
9. Snitches Get Stitches
10. Isolated
11. In My Blood
12. Attention
13. Pull The Trigger
14. Devastated

Banda: Pretty Maids
Título: Undress Your Madness
Género: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Sello Discográfico: Frontiers Records
Tipo: CD

1. Intro
2. Serpentine
3. Firesoul Fly
4. Undress Your Madness
5. Will You Still Kiss Me (If I See You In Heaven)
6. Runaway World
7. If You Want Peace (Prepare For War)
8. Slavedriver
9. Shadowlands
10. Black Thunder
11. Strength Of A Rose

Banda: Slayer
Título: The Repentless Killogy, Live At the Forum in Inglewood, CA
Género: Thrash Metal
Sello Discográfico: Nuclear Blast
Tipo: CD

1. Delusions Of Saviour
2. Repentless
3. The Antichrist
4. Disciple
5. Postmortem
6. Hate Worldwide
7. War Ensemble
8. When The Stillness Comes
9. You Against You
10. Mandatory Suicide
11. Hallowed Point
12. Dead Skin Mask
13. Born Of Fire
14. Cast The First Stone
15. Bloodline
16. Seasons In The Abyss
17. Hell Awaits
18. South Of Heaven
19. Raining Blood
20. Chemical Warfare
21. Angel Of Death

1. The Sweet Whore of Babylon
2. Insatiable King
3. Eastern Magic
4. Occult
5. Black Woods

Banda: Stoned Jesus
Título: From The Outer Space
Género: Stoner Rock
Sello Discográfico: Napalm Records
Tipo: CD/Compilación

Banda: Mammoth Mammoth
Título: Kreuzung
Género: Stoner Rock n Roll
Sello Discográfico: Napalm Records
Tipo: CD

1. I’m Ready
2. Wanted Man
3. Motherf@cker
4. Screamin´
5. Kreuzung
6. Tear it Down
7. Tonight
8. Mad World
9. Let Go
10. Lead Boots
11. God´s Gonna Hate Me

1. Mars
2. Unbirth
3. To See Eyes
4. Mercury

Banda: Queen Elephantine
Título: Gorgon
Género: Avant-garde doom rock
Sello Discográfico: Napalm Records
Tipo: CD

Banda: The Flower Kings
Título: Waiting for Miracles
Género: Progressive Rock
Sello Discográfico: Inside Out Music
Tipo: CD

Disc 1:
1.House Of Cards
2.Black Flag
3.Miracles For America
5.The Bridge
6.Ascending To The Stars
7.Wicked Old Symphony
8.The Rebel Circus
9.Sleep With The Enemy
10.The Crowning Of Greed

Disc 2:
1.House Of Cards Reprise
4.We Were Always Here
5.Busking At Brobank

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Banda: The Dark Element
Título: Songs The Night Sings
Género: Metal Sinfónico
Sello Discográfico: Frontier Records
Tipo: CD

1. Not Your Monster
2. Songs The Night Sings
3. When It All Comes Down
4. Silence Between The Words
5. Pills On My Pillow
6. To Whatever End
7. The Pallbearer Walks Alone
8. Get Out Of My Head
9. If I Had A Heart
10. You Will Learn
11. I Have To Go